Add a TXT Record to your DNS Zone

If you are attempting to validate your domain with an external service, for example GSuite or Outlook, you may be asked to add a TXT or text record to your Domain name.

Typical TXT records include SPF, DKIM, DMARC or authorisation codes. Your service provider should provide these records.

To add these records to your domain, follow the guide below

Login to our client portal

  • How to: Login to the Watch the Dot Client Portal
  • Navigate to the Domain Control Panel

  • How to: Login to your Domain Control Panel
  • Select DNS Management

    Navigate to TXT Records

    Scroll to the TXT Record section and add the TXT record provided by your supplier. Don't forget to click Update DNS on completion

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    Article published 22nd November 2021
    Last modified 20th November 2023