Add links to WordPress Pages or Posts

There are a number of simple ways to add links to your WordPress pages or posts.

In the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

  1. Within your block, select the relevant text
  2. Click the link button
  3. Add the URL of the target website
  4. Hit Enter to save

In the WordPress Classic Visual Editor

  1. Select the Visual editor using the Text tab in the WordPress editor
  2. Type in the text you wish to use as a link.
  3. Select the text and click the Paperclip icon in the edit ribbon. This will open up the Insert / edit link dialogue
  4. Enter the URL of the target page and the link title into the dialogue box

In the WordPress Classic Text Editor

This method appears tricky if you don't know HTML but is actually very simple and it is useful to know how to do this manually.
  1. Select the Text editor using the Text tab in the WordPress editor
  2. Start the HTML link tag as follows:
    <a href="http://your_link_target_here">
  3. Enter the Link description:
    This is your link Text
  4. Close the HTML link tag -
Article published 25th April 2019
Last modified 29th November 2023