Changes to Website not Showing

To speed up web browsing, your browser will download and keep copies of your webpage locally on your device. This is known as “caching”, and the saved files are referred to as the “cache” in an area called “cache”.

When you visit a page for a second time in a short period, you will see a saved copy stored in the cache rather than a fresh copy from the website.

This means you might not always be seeing the latest version of a webpage.

First Check: Use a second device on a separate network

To confirm the issue is caching within your browser or network devices, disconnect your phone from your wifi network and check your website using your mobile data. This will circumnavigate any network caching using a separate browser.

Hard Refresh your Cache

In the first case you should try to "Hard Refresh" your cache.
  • Windows: ctrl + F5
  • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
  • Linux: F5
  • Clear your Cache

    If a Hard Refresh does not work, you should clear your cache, i.e. delete the cached files stored by your computer or device. How you do this will depend on the device you are using.

    We recommend you use the website for full instructions for your device.

    Clear Website Caching

    To speed up page generation, your website may use caching too. This means that your website may be delivering old, pre-generated versions of pages. You may need to clear your website cache or contact support for assistance here.
    Article published 02nd December 2021
    Last modified 27th October 2022