Delegate Access to your GoDaddy Account

Sometimes we may ask you to make some updates to your domain name DNS. This can be because you are moving your hosting to us, or one of your services requires some data attaching to you domain name (this is common with email services, or to prove ownership of a domain for example). These changes can be technical and sometimes you may prefer us to make them for you. If your domain name is with GoDaddy, you don’t have to hand over your username and password, you can just delegate access. That will allow the delegated to login to their GoDaddy account and make some updates to your Domain. You can revoke this access at any time.

To delegate access, you will need to login to your own GoDaddy account. From there:

Select your name in the top right and select “Account Settings” in the drop down menu

Select “Delegate Access”

Select “Invite to Access”

  • Enter the name & email address of the part you wish to manage your account. If this is us, use “watchthedot” and “”
  • Select the Access level required. We can advise if unsure
  • Select “Invite”

  • The party you have delegated access to will receive an email with an invite to manage your account. You can revoke this access at any time.
    Article published 25th November 2021
    Last modified 21st January 2022