Delegate Access to your Wix Website

If you require assistance with your Wix website you can delegate access to us for management. You retain access, do not need to share your passwords and can remove access at any time

Login to your Wix Account

  • Login to your account at
  • Select the website you wish to provide access for

    Navigage to Settings > Roles & permissions

  • Navigate to Settings area in the left hand menu
  • Select "Roles & Permissions"
  • Navigate to Collaboration area

  • Select the "Invite Collaborators" button in the top right
  • Enter Collaborator Details

  • Add collaborator email address. Our Wix Experts all use email addresses
  • Enter the Role you wish to provide. Admin is most useful, but if you are uncomfortable providing this level of access you can choose lower levels. We may not be able to assist in all areas without admin access. Remeber you can remove your Wix Expert at any time
  • Click "Send Invite"
  • Article published 17th November 2023
    Last modified 17th November 2023