Disable a Page or Post by Setting Status to Draft

The easiest way to disable a Page, Post or other content on your WordPress website is to set the status to Draft. There are a few of ways of doing this but the easiest way is from the WordPress Page or Post index. In this tutorial we will use Posts, but the method is the same regardless of the content type.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  • How to: How to Login to your WordPress Website
  • Navigate to the post Index Page and access Quick Edit

    To make this change, your user will need to have the relevant WordPress permissions level.
  • From the Dashboard select Posts > All Posts
  • Navigate to the post required, hover over the title. This will expose the Quick Edit menu
  • Select Quick Edit
  • Change Status to Draft

  • Select 'Draft' in the Status drop down
  • Click Update
  • Important to remember:

    Your post may still be indexed by Google or linked to by other sites on the internet. We recommend setting up 301 redirects to point the URL of the old page to a new location.
  • How to: Safely Change Page or Post URL / Permalink / Slug
  • Article published 28th April 2022
    Last modified 02nd November 2023