Email Settings – cPanel Hosting

SSL Email Settings (Recommended)

An SSL connection provides an encrypted connection between the server and the email client. Please note Non-SSL connections are no longer supported

  • You will need to have already created an email inbox in your cPanel account. Instruction do do that can be found here
  • Ensure that you have the full email address as the username, including
  • You will also require the password created when setting up the email account. Instructions for changing the password can be found here.
  • The following port numbers should be used:

POP3: 995
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465

  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server: Your domain name (Do not use http://www)
  • Choose POP3 if you wish to download mails to your computer.
  • Choose IMAP if you wish for your emails to remain on the server.
  • If your email application has an authentication option, set it to ‘ON’.

Please note, due to the number of possible email clients and configurations available we cannot provide specific instructions or support for configuring your phone, computer, tablet or device. You should refer to the device manufacturer or a qualified local technician for assistance setting up your email client.

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Article published 17th November 2021
Last modified 16th June 2023