Extract Audio Transcriptions from Youtube

Navigate to the Video on Youtube

Open the Transcription

  • Select the "three dot" settings menu beneath the video
  • Select "Show Transcript"
  • Navigate to the transcription

    The transcription opens next to the video window on the right. It has timestamps against the transcription which need disabling. We will do this in the next step

    Disable Timestamps

  • Select the "three dot" settings menu top right of the transcription panel
  • Select "toggle timestamps"
  • Transcription is now timetamp free

    Copy and Paste Transcript

    You are now able to copy and paste the transcript in the usual way.

    Don't forget: Audio transcriptions are likely to contain transcription errors so you should remember to read through and edit any mistakes.
    Article published 01st July 2022
    Last modified 01st July 2022