Prevent a user logging in to your WordPress website

Sometimes you may want to temporarily (or permanently) disable a user from logging in to your WordPress website without deleting their user account. Just changing their password won’t work because they can simply request a password reset email.

Luckily WordPress has a simple mechanism to do this

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  • How to: How to Login to your WordPress Website
  • Navigate to user Index

  • Navigate to the Users > All Users menu and locate the user you wish to delete.
  • Open the user profile

  • Navigate to the user you wish to disable
  • Hover your mouse over the username to activate the Quick Edit menu and and select "Edit"
  • Tip: If you have lots of users, you can use the search box located at the top right of your user index to search by name or email address
  • Change User Role

  • Find the "Role" drop down and change their role to "No role for this site"
  • Don't forget to select "Save" at the bottom of your page
  • Article published 27th June 2022
    Last modified 02nd November 2023