Set Your Gravatar

WordPress uses Gravatar to display profile images. Gravatar is a service which allows you to use a single profile image across millions of websites Worldwide. Setting your Gravatar profile image will update your profile image ion your WordPress website.

Gravatar is a service operated by Automattic, the company founded by Matt Mullenweg, the original developer of WordPress.

Sign up at

Visit and register an account with your usual email address. This should be the email address you are using (or wish to use) on your WordPress website

Select the "Add one" link

If you don't currently have any profile images, you will see a link "Add one by clicking here" - Select this

Select "Upload new"

Choose your profile image

Crop your image

Use the tools provided to crop your image, using the prview boxes to check how this will display. All Gravatar images are square.

Set the Image Rating

Apply to the relevant email address

Your Gravatar account can be used to manage images for multiple emails addressed, but if this is a new account, you will only have a single email address listed. Select the address and click "use for selected addresses"
Article published 23rd November 2022
Last modified 23rd November 2022