Setup Subdomains in eXtend Control Panel

if you are using our standard eXtend hosting packages, you can easily setup a subdomain on your webhosting using the eXtend Control Panel. This will allow you to set up different website or webapps on teh same hosting account

For example:

  • – Your main website and accessible using the www.
  • – A custom web application accessible with a different subdomain.

Step 1 - Sign into your Watch the Dot Hosting Account

  • How to: Login to your Web Hosting account
  • Step 2 - Navigate to Web Tools

    You can expand or collapse sections within your control panel using the +/- signs at the top of each section

    Step 3 - Configure your subdomain

  • Type in your subdomain
  • Enter the directory where you want the additional website to reside. This will be beneath the public_html directory
  • Article published 31st July 2017
    Last modified 16th June 2023