Update Meta Descriptions in WordPress using Yoast SEO Plugin


0:00 In this video I'm going to show you how to update your meta descriptions on your pages, posts, products or other content types in your WordPress website.
0:10 Your meta description is the description that is read by search engines and displayed within your search engine results. This is a great opportunity to create a crafted description of what your page says enticing people in and hopefully its going to be an accurate representation of the content of the
0:28 page they are arriving at so it should reduce your bounce rate. So, you log into your WordPress website in the normal way and if you don't know how to do that there is an article on our knowledge base Navigate to the content that you want to add the meta description for so in this case I'm going to do
0:45 it for a page so click pages This will get us our list of pages here Im going to make a meta description for this one at the top so I click edit Within here you have this Yoast SEO box because we're going to use the Yoast plugin to make the to add the meta description to the page.
1:11 If the Yoast plugin is hidden, if you're not seeing all this here, then what you can do is just toggle it using this button here.
1:18 So this will make sure that it's display. correctly and if you scroll down youll see theres a box that says search appearance now this is giving you a representation of how your website looks within search engines such as google so what you can see here is you have the page title the url and this is
1:37 the page title and your meta description would appear here this is what it looks like on mobile on google google on a mobile device this is what it would look like on google on a desktop device so what we're going to do is go down to the meta description box underneath here and and we are going to type
1:54 in a meta description this is a blog page on the WP Sandbox website fix my typo and you'll see as I type you get this bar that appears at the bottom we ultimately want that to go to green because we want to use up as much space as possible in this blog you can find information about our current services
2:28 offerings for example what we don't want it to do is go to red or green oh sorry or amber in this case that means it's too long so we want to keep it within the green if we can so let's get rid of all this there we go so that would be a good method description and you can see our search appearance at
2:52 the top here has changed so you can see that on the desktop it appears like this and on the mobile it appears like this so what you're trying to do is create a page create a description that is giving a succinct friendly description of the content that the user can expect to find on your page when they
3:09 click on your results in search engines when you are happy with your description you can click the update button and the next time google crawls your website it will read the meta description
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  • Article published 10th January 2024
    Last modified 10th January 2024