Visit Notifications Settings

Install and Activate Visit Notifications

Access Visit Notifications Global Settings

  • Global Settings can be accessed underneath Settings > Visit Notifications
  • Enable Guest Users Only

    If you wish to record only visitors if they are a guest to your site (i.e. not logged in to an account), you can globally unchecking the box besides Logged In Users.

    Override Guest Users Only

    If you have turned off notifications for logged in users as outlined inthe step above, you can override this on a page by page basis using the Visit Notifications page settings

    Stop Ignoring Robots

    Crawl bots and robots search the page for information about pages through the internet, mainly to update search engines. By default Visit Notifications disables notifications from bot visits. This option is only available globally. You can enable bot notifications via the global settings by unchecking the box next to "disable crawlers"
    Article published 02nd November 2023
    Last modified 02nd November 2023