DNS Management

Your domain name contains important information about the ownership, location and authentication of your website and email addresses (often referred to as DNS). Sometimes you need to make changes to the DNS Zones on your record. If you are not confident doing this yourself, we can do it for you.



If you are attempting to validate your domain with an external service, for example GSuite or Outlook, you may be asked to add a TXT or text record to your Domain name.

Typical TXT records include SPF, DKIM, DMARC or authorisation codes. Your service provider should provide these records.

It is also occasionally necessary to change or edit DNS records when updating website location, or email service provider

If your domain is registered with us, you are able to ammend DNS details yourself using our self service interface. Instruction can be found below. If your DNS is hosted elsewhere, we are usually able to assist as long as your domain provider offers a domain control panel. In the case of externally managed domains, you will need to provide login details, delegate access or work with us on a Zoom session