eCommerce & Marketing Essentials Support Contract - Unlimited Support

Unlimited use of the following support items are included in this support contract

SSL Configuration

All websites need SSL certificates to rank well on Google and provide user trust. An SSL certificate also allows a web browser to display a locked padlock within your address bar. We will configure your WordPress website to use your webshots SSL certificates to ensure your website is not being blocked by browsers and always looks trustworthy to your users and customers. (Please note, Your webhost might make an additional charge for the SSL certificate)

WordPress Password Reset

Locked out of your WordPress website? You can easily reset your password using the Forgotten Password link on the WordPress login screen. But if that didn't work and your website is hosted or managed by us, we can access the database and update the password manually. If your website is hosted elsewhere, we can still help you regain access, as long as you have a log into your Hosting Control Panel

WordPress Create User

Setting up a new user on WordPress is a simple task fully described in our knowledgebase. If you'd prefer us to do this for you, order this service. We will need to know the user's name, email address and permissions level. Everything else, we will do for you.

WordPress Delete User

Deleting a user on WordPress is a simple task fully described in our knowledgebase. There is one small consideration to ensure you don't delete content too, so we recommend backing up your site at this point too. If you'd prefer us to do this for you, order this service. We will need to know the user's name and / or email address. We will back up your website first and delete the user's account, transferring their content to the user account required (or removing it if preferred).

Setup Google Services on WordPress Website

Google isn't just a search engine, they also provide a huge suite of tools for managing and analysing your search presence. It's essential that your website is setup with these services, even if you don't intend to use them initially.

WordPress Email Configuration

By default, WordPress uses PHP Mail to send emails such as Customer purchase notifications or password reset mails. This ability is often disabled by Web Servers and WordPress has to be configured to send mails via SMTP or another email interface or protocol.

WordPress Website Migration

Are you moving your website to new hosting services? We handle the whole transfer, leaving your website working exactly as it was for a single fixed fee. We've transferred thousands of WordPress websites and one thing we've learnt 'Free transfer' services are a blunt tool, automated scripts that always leave the job half done - contact forms, caching, subdomains, SSL certificates are all often left hanging and the website needs profession intervention to get it back up and running smoothly.

PHP Upgrade

PHP is the underlying language that runs many of today's popular web applications including WordPress. It is important that you are running the latest compatable version that your web hosting package allows. Updating PHP is simple with our self service system, but if you prefer we can manage this process for you.

DNS Management

Your domain name contains important information about the ownership, location and authentication of your website and email addresses (often referred to as DNS). Sometimes you need to make changes to the DNS Zones on your record. If you are not confident doing this yourself, we can do it for you.