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We provide basic email facilities with our standard web hosting packages as a courtesy to our web hosting clients, but we are not able to offer free email support. Email accounts provided by Watch the Dot are self service and we publish a knowledgebase to assist with the common problems you may face. Please note that all requests for email support are chargeable at time taken and submission of an email support request requires acceptance of charges.
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Priority Status

To enquire about a support contract please email

Standard - Standard tasks enter our support queue and are processed in order. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour. Clients with support contracts are given priority over non support contract clients.

Project - Project tasks relate to ongoing web projects or more substantive areas of work and can be grouped. Project tasks are charged at time taken with a minimum charge of 3 hours per group. You should select this status if you have 3 or more seperate requests, or you have an ongoing project with Watch the Dot.

High - High Priority tasks will be started within 24hours, usually the same business day and are charged at 1.5 times your hourly rate. There is a minimum one hour charge. Time to complete will depend on the nature of the task.

Urgent - If you website is currently down or you need an urgent change to your website you should select this status. Urgent tasks are charged at double your hourly rate and there is a minimum 1 hour charge. We aim to start work within 1 hour. Urgent tasks are charged strictly at time taken. Time to complete will depend on the nature of the task.