Access your Database using phpMyAdmin – eXtend

If you need to access your database you can manage this via the phpMyAdmin tool available within your web hosting package.

Changes to your database can irrevocably damage your website. If you do not know what you are doing do not proceed – submit a support ticket for assistance

Login to your Web Hosting Account

  • How to: Login to your Web Hosting account
  • eXtend Hosting - Select the MariaDB Databases icon

    Selecy the MariaDB Databases icon located in the Web Tools section

    Find database in Manage MariaDB Databases and select Manage

    Select your database in the Sidebar

    Note the database called
    is an internal database used by your database server to manage the databases. This is not the database you require!
    Article published 27th November 2021
    Last modified 16th June 2023