Add Alt Tags to Images Within your WordPress Website


0:00 In this video I'm going to show you how to update your alt tags on images within your WordPress website. So your alt tags are the, it is the text that is hidden behind the images that can be read by search engines, screen readers and those kind of things and this is a useful indicator for search engines
0:25 as to what the image contains but it's also important for accessibility which is a important subject particularly for SEO. So if somebody has visual impairment for example the alt text is what will be read out if they are using a screen reader to read your website.
0:44 We like to see all the alt tags populated where possible. So the easiest way to do this is to go into your media well first of all log into your WordPress website and if you don't know how to do that there's a article on our knowledge base that shows you how to do this navigate to your media library
1:05 like so by clicking on media in the left hand side and this will show you all your alt tag all your images within your library and if we were to take any particular image like this one press logo here you'll see this is missing alternative text here and that's what alt tag is essentially short for so
1:31 what we can do here is type in ai generated oh dear typos image of the word press logo now when you navigate away from that youll see this spins and then saves it so you dont need to do anything else that is now saved as the alt text youve also got this title which is slightly different if in doubt if
2:00 you make them the same and that should be fine what that does is if you hover over an image on a website sometimes youll see a tooltip that will pop up and that is the title but we really want to see all these done if we can on a website we actually have an internal tool where we can run through and
2:19 use AI which will analyse your images and write us some sensible alt tags for you if you wanted to know details about how we can do that for you just drop an email to support at and we will be happy to help this is a custom tool that we've written in-house so it's not available anywhere
2:37 else but what we do recommend is that whenever you're adding images to your wordpress library your media library you do add your alt text where you can uhm and uhm its a very simple job and that will help improve your seo score so i hope thats useful if you have any questions please just drop an email
2:55 to support at watchthedotcom and we will be happy to help
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    Article published 10th January 2024
    Last modified 10th January 2024