Adding a Menu Item to a WordPress Menu

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  • How to: How to Login to your WordPress Website
  • Navigate to Appearance > Menus

    If you are unable to locate this menu item, you may not have the correct permissions level. You need to be a website Administrator to edit menus.

    Locate and select the menu you wish to edit

    Select items and add to the menu

    You can locate and select items you wish to add to the menu from the options given in the left hand selection boxes. Items will appear at the bottom of the menu list.

    Drag and Drop the item to the correct position in the menu

    You can drag and drop the menu item to the correct location in the menu. You can create drop down menus by indenting the item underneath another menu item

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    Article published 23rd December 2021
    Last modified 23rd December 2021