Change Post Author

Changing the author on a WordPress post or page is very simple to do.

Make sure the new author exists as a user

The author you want to assign the post to needs to exist as a user. so make sure they have been added first.
  • How to: Adding a new user in WordPress
  • Switch Author in Gutenberg Editor

  • Find the author dropdown and select the new author
  • Click 'Update'
  • Switch Author in Classic Editor

  • Make sure the Author metabox is enabled in Screen Options
  • Navigate to Author Metabox and select new author from drop down
  • click 'Update'
  • Change Author from Post Index

  • Navigate to the Post or page in the Dashboard index
  • Hover over the post to activate the quick links
  • Select "Quick Edit"
  • Switch the author from the drop down list
  • Article published 27th July 2022
    Last modified 02nd November 2023