Configure Email Sending using WP SMTP

If your WordPress website is not sending emails, you will need to configure it to do so. The easiest way to do is to tell your WordPress to send emails via SMTP using a send mailbox you have access too. This is easily done using the popular plugin WP SMTP from WP Forms.

This plugin also supports sending emails using Google Workspace and other email providers.

Note, you will need to have the server and login details for an SMTP mailbox

Login to Your WordPress Website

  • How to: How to Login to your WordPress Website
  • Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin and Activate

  • Navigate to Plugins in the left hand menu
  • Select Add New
  • Search for WP SMTP
  • Locate the plugin and click 'Install'
  • Once installed, click 'Activate'
  • Configure the SMTP Settings

  • Navigate to WP SMTP in the left hand menu and select 'Settings'
  • Enter your mail box information as shown in the image. Your webhost / email provider can provide this information
  • Click Save
  • Send a test email

  • Send your self a test email using the Test tab
  • If the email does not send successully, the error message will usually provide some useful clues. Most often, this is an incorrect password or server details.
  • If the email does send, but does not arrive, check your spam folder
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    Article published 03rd January 2023
    Last modified 20th November 2023