Disable WordPress Comments

WordPress comments can be a gift to spammers and unless you actively want to attract discussion, you should consider disabling these. It’s possible to disable comments on blog posts with a global settings, however this only applies to posts that have yet to be published. To disable comments universally, you also need to turn those comments off on existing posts too.

Disable Comments Globally

  • Navigate to Settings > Discussion
  • Uncheck the box next to "Allow people to submit comments on new posts"
  • Select Individual Existing Posts for Bulk Editing

  • Navigate to Posts > All Posts
  • Select all posts using the checkboxes next to each post. You can use the box at the top of the list to select all in one go. (You may want to change the amount of posts visible on a single page too - see the guide below)
  • In the Bulk Edit drop down menu, select "Edit" and hit "Apply"
  • How to: View More Items Per Page in WordPress Dashboard
  • Disable Comments

  • From the Bulk Edit Window Select "Comments" and change to "Do Not Allow"
  • Hit "Apply"

  • Note you will need to do this for each page of comments
  • How to: View More Items Per Page in WordPress Dashboard
  • Article published 08th December 2021
    Last modified 02nd November 2023