Install Domain Records for Email Deliverability

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get emails into the inboxes of major email services such as GSuite or Outlook. These services now expect your domain name to have certain records attached to it to prove emails from your domain are being sent from legitimate sources.

Our cPanel platform includes simple tools to assist with the installation of these records.

To use these tools, your DNS must be managed within your Watch The Dot hosting account.

Login to your cPanel Web Hosting Account

  • How to: Login to your Web Hosting account
  • Navigate to the Locate the Email Deliverability Icon

    Click on the icon to access the Email Deliverability Tool

    Locate Domains or Subdomains with Deliverability Errors

    Click the Repair icon to access the available options

    Select Repair to automatically install required domain records

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    Article published 15th June 2023
    Last modified 07th July 2023