Update Website Domain in Siteground

You may need to change the domain name on your website hosted by Siteground. To do this, follow this guide

Login to your Siteground account

Locate the Change Primary Domain Menu Item

This can be found under the Website tab. Locate the three dots next to your website to locate the dropdown menu. Within this menu select "Change your Primary Domain". Note the presented warnings:
  • Your site backups will not be available for the new domain.
  • Your mailboxes will be automatically changed from email@old-domain.com to email@new-domain.com and messages sent to your old emails will bounce. You will have to reconfigure your email clients.
  • All your FTP accounts will be automatically renamed to use the new domain name.
  • If you have applications configured to use the old domain name (like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.), you may need to re-configure them.
  • Any custom DNS records of the old domain will be assigned to the new domain, while the DNS zone of the old domain will be reset to a default one. If you need the custom records for the old domain, you can adjust its records with the DNS Zone Editor tool.
  • If you expect traffic to the old domain, we advise you to park it after the primary domain change. Please navigate to your Site Tools > Domain > Parked Domains and add your old domain there.
  • A new Let’s Encrypt SSL will be automatically issued for your new domain.
  • Enter the new domain where prompted

    Article published 26th June 2023
    Last modified 26th June 2023