What is Plugin Soup

Some rookie WordPress developers solve every problem with a plugin.

Want to remove the WordPress credit in the footer? There’s a plugin for that.

Want to add your own credit? There’s a plugin for that..

Need to update the year in your footer copyright notice? There’s a plugin for that.

Think it would be a good idea to embed the old Asteroids arcade game in your website? There’s a plugin for that.

The problem with this is that, before you know it, you have fifty or sixty plugins all adding code to your website, peppering adverts all over the dashboard, potentially slowing your website down, all requiring regular security update, all representing possible attack vectors for hackers, all capable of introducing errors and inconsistencies across your site.

Click here to see an example of Plugin Soup we came across recently.

Avoiding Plugin Soup

Many plugins can be replaced with a single line of code.
By default, our new build sites include a child theme that allow us to add code where necessary to replace plugin functionality.

Avoid "general" or "Ultimate" plugins
We recently saw a website which had a plugin that offered to "Turbo charge" the website and introduced "over 500 amazing new features!". This massive plugin (it really was enormous) was used to add the year to the copyright notice in the footer and that was it! We replaced this with a line of code in the child theme and removed this huge plugin from the site

Use popular curated plugins
Some plugins are now very mature with twenty years or so of development and millions of users. We have a well curated list of established and trusted plugins that we use on our developments only, unless there's a strong use case for additional plugins. Here's our top WordPress management plugins at the time of writing.

Avoid pointless functionality
Do you really need a fancy snow effect on your shopping cart at Christmas? (Spoiler: no you don't - unless you want your conversions to fall). There's lots of shiny baubles in the WordPress Plugin Repo. Avoid the pointless ones at all costs!

WordPress Maintenance

If your WordPress installation has got a bit out of hand with thousands of plugins, adverts and update notices everywhere, perhaps you need one of our WordPress maintenance plans?

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