WordPress Website Healthcheck Service

Our 25 point WordPress health check helps ensure your WordPress website is running smoothly. We fix any known security holes, backup and provide an archived copy, and test all usual operation functions. If you don’t have a regular maintenance plan on your website, you need our health check service!


WordPress is the World’s most popular Content Management System powering around 40% of the World’s websites. Chances are your business website is built on WordPress! (You can check if your website is running WordPress at isitwp.com)

The popularity of WordPress can also make it a popular target for hackers!

As long as your WordPress core, themes and plugins are up to date you should be fine. But if you need help getting your WordPress website up to date and making sure it’s all running smoothly, we’re here to help with our 25 point WordPress health check service.

If you’ve been neglecting the technical side of your WordPress website, you need our 25 point WordPress health check service. We are a UK based WordPress specialist working with hundreds of companies to keep their WordPress websites running safely and smoothly.

We will:

  • Create a backup of your website and provide an archive
  • Check and update PHP, the language WordPress uses to generate web pages
  • Update WordPress Core to the latest version possible
  • Update your themes to the latest version possible
  • Update your plugins to the latest version possible
  • Test your WooCommerce checkout process
  • Test all general functionality
  • Test all contact functionality
  • Create and provide a full backup of your website for archiving
  • Provide a report of work carried out and recommend any improvements needed for security or operational purposes

To qualify for this service your website must generate less than £5000 / per month in revenue, have less than 1000 pages, posts & products combined, and a media library under 15GB. Larger websites require a rolling WordPress maintenance plan