Why is my Website Down?

You may occasionally find that your website is inaccessible. In this instance, don’t panic – there’s a few steps that can be taken to troubleshoot the problem.

Check the website really is down

You may not be able to access your website for a number of reasons, not just because the website is down. For example it could be an issue with your browser, computer settings or antivirus software, or you may have tripped the website security settings. We recommend the website Down For Everyone or Just Me Just type in your full web address in the box provided to find out the website status.

Check Web Hosting Status

Occassionally, server farms and data centres will perform maintenance on their servers which will temporarily disrupt connectivity. We publish known issue on our website here. If your website is hosted elsewhere, you will need to check the service status with your webhost.

Has Your Domain Expired?

If you do not renew your domain before the renewal date, your domain will expire. After a period of time following expiry the domain will be released and available for anyone to buy. It's important to make sure you don;t ignore domain renewals! You can check the status of your domain using a whois query. This provides registrar information, expiry dates and some basic information about how the domain is managed. The website who.is is a useful tool for this. The output may vary from domain to domain, but somewhere within that you will find the expiry date OR a notice if the domain is unregistered. If you need a new domain or your existing domain needs renewing, please submit a ticket below.
  • How to: Login to your Domain Control Panel
  • Has your SSL Certificate Expired?

    If you are receiving a security error it is likely you are trying to access your website using https:// when you are either missing an SSL certificate or your SSL certificate has expired. You can use the SSL Shopper certificate checker to confirm this. If you need a new certificate or your existing certificate needs renewing, please submit a ticket below.
  • How to: Why is my website marked as insecure or “not secure”?
  • WordPress Update issue

    When updating your WordPress website using the built in updater, it is possible for incompatibilities to be introduced that break the website. In this case you will usually receive an email from WordPress giving you debugging details. This is usually a technical issue - for assistance please submit a support ticket below.
  • How to: How to troubleshoot and fix a broken WordPress Plugin
  • Contact Support

    If after checking the above your website is still inaccessible, please submit a support ticket below and we will aim to assist as soon as possible.
    Article published 21st January 2022
    Last modified 16th June 2023