Migrating email to your Watch the Dot Hosting Account

If you have a web hosting account with Watch the Dot, you are able to use email facilities on our servers. Email services are provided as a courtesy service to our web hosting clients and are not supported beyond the platform. We do provide comprehensive knowledgebase articles to help you make use of these email facilities.

This guide will describe the steps you will need to take to move your email routing to your web hosting account

Note that it is not possible to migrate the actual emails between mailboxes.

Create an email account on your Watch the Dot Hosting account

See articles below for instructions on how to do this.
  • How to: Add Email Account on cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Add Email Account on eXtend Hosting
  • Check Email via Webmail

    Once you have created an email inbox, you should be able to access it via Webmail using the email address and password you created during setup.

    At this point the email account is not live and will not receive emails until your DNS has been updated.
  • How to: Access Webmail – cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Access Webmail – eXtend Hosting
  • Edit your DNS records to set your MX records or update your Name Servers

    MX records are used to route email sent to email addresses on your domain to the specified email server. Your welcome email should include the name of your MX server and you will need to modify the MX records within your domain control panel located your domain registrar. Please contact support if you need assistance locating your MX record. You should contact your domain registrar for assistance modifying your domain MX records

    Alternatively, you can update your Name Servers to that provided within your welcome email to have Watch the Dot handle your DNS internally.

    WARNING - updating your MX records can make breaking changes to your email routing. If in doubt contact support.

    Optional - Setup a new inbox on your email client

    If you are using an email client to access your emails, for example on your phone, table or computer, such as Mac Mail or Outlook, we recommend creating a new mailbox for the new account using the settings found in the articles below. You should consult manufacturer instructions for details on how to do this on your particular device or client

    Warning - Attempting to editing the settings on your existing mailbox may cause some data loss.
  • How to: Email Settings – cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Email Settings – eXtend Hosting
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    Article published 18th January 2023
    Last modified 16th June 2023