Troubleshooting Email Issues

If you have email issues with accounts hosted on our servers, you can troubleshoot these issues by following the steps below.

Check which web hosting platform you are using

We offer cPanel and eXtend webhosting. The troubleshooting steps will depend on which platform you use.
  • How to: Which Web Hosting platform do I use?
  • Check you can access your email account via Webmail.

    The most common cause of email issues is username & password issues. Once you have determined which system you are using, you can quickly verify these details by logging into your email account via the webmail interface. If you are unable to login via Webmail, the issue is most likely due to your password. If you update your password, you will need to update the password within your desktop and mobile devices too
  • How to: Access Webmail – cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Access Webmail – eXtend Hosting
  • If your password is incorrect, reset it to something you know

  • How to: Change your cPanel Email Password
  • How to: Change your eXtend Email Password (password lost)
  • Check Your Client Settings

    If you can access via Webmail but your Desktop or phone client is unable to send or receive emails, check you client settings. Common problems include incorrect hostname or incorrect port number. You should make sure your username and password are correct too - if in doubt, change them using the steps above.
  • How to: Email Settings – cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Email Settings – eXtend Hosting
  • Check your inbox isn't full

    If your inbox is full, you may not be able to send or receive emails
  • How to: Check Email Space – cPanel Hosting
  • How to: Check Email Space – eXtend Hosting
  • Use our White Glove service

    If you have followed the steps above and you are still unable to access your email account, you can order our White Glove "done for you" services. We will troubleshoot your connectivity issues and configure your device. See the product link below.

    Want us to do it for you?

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    Article published 22nd November 2021
    Last modified 16th June 2023