Hosting Unlimited Support Contract - Unlimited Support

Unlimited use of the following support items are included in this support contract

PHP Upgrade

PHP is the underlying language that runs many of today's popular web applications including WordPress. It is important that you are running the latest compatable version that your web hosting package allows. Updating PHP is simple with our self service system, but if you prefer we can manage this process for you.

DNS Management

Your domain name contains important information about the ownership, location and authentication of your website and email addresses (often referred to as DNS). Sometimes you need to make changes to the DNS Zones on your record. If you are not confident doing this yourself, we can do it for you.

Domain Transfer Management

Domain transfers can be managed from our self service portal but they are complex and time consuming. We can manage the process for you if preferred.

Archive Website

If you are planning to take your website down but want to keep the files for future use, select this service. We will archive the website into a zip file and provide a single download link so you can store the files for future use.